Resident at 66 avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris,

Famous Custom Guitars Engineering is a French company that designs and manufactures luxury guitars and basses for Artists and Collectors wishing to hold

a product of excellence.


Luxury, innovation and design are the keywords that day after day push the brand's engineers

and collaborators to create the best instruments in the world.





             THE COMPANY



Famous Custom Guitars Engineering is a manufacturer that develops new technologies and new designs.


As such, the discretion of the various employees is a vital concept within it.


No communication on development and manufacturing processes will be communicated.


The places belonging to the company are also kept secret for the same reasons of confidentiality.


The various intermediaries who collaborate with the firm are bound by the industrial secret and can not divulge information on this subject.


All information relating directly or indirectly to Famous Custom Guitars Engineering will be communicated via the social networks associated with it or through press releases.


No interview or interview with the CEO of Famous Custom Guitars Engineering or his associates will be given.


The engineering and manufacturing sites are private properties.


In fact, it is not allowed to the public to enter without being invited.








Our exceptional products are sold all over the world to people who are often anxious to remain anonymous after their acquisition.


Just like our manufacturing processes, the identity of the owners of our creations remains secret without conditions.


They provide benefits and discretion offered by the Owners Club without compromising their identity after other members.


The sponsorship system is also anonymous, thus guaranteeing the discreetness and tranquility of the sponsor and the sponsored person.


All personal information provided when ordering an instrument is carefully kept secret in a safe on physical media.


No digital traces (which may be subject to hacking and theft of computer data) will be kept on the company's servers.







The Famous Custom Guitars Engineering Club is reserved for the owners of our instruments.


Members benefit from many unique services as well as an exclusive follow-up

of their instrument.


It also gives them access to ''Tailor Made*'' guitars and basses that are not usually

not available for sale without a parrainge.





             CLUB SHOP



Club members have automatic access to a portion of the shop reserved for them.


Exclusive products to customize, upgrade, maintain [...] your instrument and show your club membership.








A perssonalised monitoring service of the instruments will be made available to the owners and members of the club.


Contact with the parent company will be facilitated with the possibility of sending instruments for revision, adjustment, technical or cosmetic updating.


Masterclasses and private meetings with artists endorcated by the brand will also be organized exclusively for members of the Club, who will be offered an invitation at one of these events.


Finally, members of the Club will have the opportunity to acquire unique models in the range products in very small quentity and not available to non members.


All this adds to what the Club Shop can offer.








Artists and Collectors wishing to purchase an instrument of the Tailor Made series will have to present themselves through a sponsor.


For that, the godfather will have to send them a form (by postal mail or Email) which will be available in the space ''club'' of the site ''''.


After validation by the CEO, the new member will be invited to provide all information for the development of his first Tailor Made instrument.


The official introduction to the club will be at the reception of the instrument.




NOTE : Club benefits do not apply to used second hand instruments.








* The instruments of the ''Tailor Made'' range are ''custom'' models made entirely by hand and made to measure in France.

A right of access by sponsorship is obligatory to be able to afford such an instrument.





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